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Make Money Online in Cambodia

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Make Money Online with youtube - testimonials

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How To Make Money Online - Cambodia Internet Marketing

This is my first post for the term "how to make money online in Cambodia". There are several methods that people in Cambodia make money on the internet. Most of them are working on YouTube while the others are building viral websites as well as viral facebook fanpage in order to make money through Google AdSense or Cost Per Click Program. To have a deeper look on above methods, we recommend you go through the below content:

Make Money Online With YouTube In Cambodia

If you are YouTuber, that mean you are producing videos and upload on YouTube and you want to make money on YouTube Advertising Program (Similar to Google AdSense), you will need to have your own AdSense account applying from your Channel. What you need to know here are:

- How to have a well established YouTube Channel: This includes how to name your channel, how to put the right description and tags to your channel after you get it verified by the team. Once you have everything up and run, just go on the the next step.
- Ideas to create unique videos: In order to make money online in Cambodia with Youtube, you need to create/produce good and original videos. You can't copy any news, musics, graphics from others as this will get your channel penalized after a few reports from the owners and viewers. Make sure you have the ideas to create quality videos as you can upload and start monetize your videos for revenue. One thing that is popular for Cambodia or Khmer people are capturing children/kids who are playing the toys, playdoh as well as some other materials. Sometimes you can create lifehack videos or even the videos that you cut the fruits, vegetable, etc. Besides, you also need to do more things like
- Getting your video ranked on the top of youtube buy performing keyword researches as well as writing the right description and tags to your video, you can search for more about this on youtube or google.

By performing above steps, you can now make some videos and upload on your own channel. Don't forget to brand your youtube channel so that you will build trust from viewers and get more and more subscribers to your channel.

How to make money online in Cambodia with Facebook

Everybody knows facebook, the biggest social networking site in the world! For Cambodia, it's like an heaven opening as it's quite new for people in the country. The way that people make money with facebook is that, they have blogs or websites and they post interesting things on facebook groups, that method brought them a lot of traffic and click on adsense. The most important but bad news is that, they use Black hat techniques to get clicks to AdSense ads, after investigated for a while, Google realized about this and get thousand of accounts banned during the doomsday. At the same time that facebook updated again and again their system to set high security for people who posted in group. That factors brought serious situation to people who "make money online in Cambodia" with facebook. For now the old techniques are over, we need real website that attracts organic searches as well as a real fanpage to post legitimate things/updates in order to brings traffic to the website and to make money from Google AdSense.

Make Money Online With Google AdSense in Cambodia

Besides affiliate marketing, amazon affiliate and Cost Per Action Program (CPA), 80% of people who make money online in Cambodia (Khmer) are venturing in AdSense which is one of the most popular CPC program in the world. Some people can make thousands of dollar each month while a few make more than $10K. This is a great new for Cambodian. We don't want to bring attention to audiences as making money online requires a lot of knowledge, skills and experiences. Do not underestimate the fundamental of making money on the internet for Khmer people. You need more and more information than what you think in order to earn income online. So what are the things I need to know for earning from the web here?

- At least you need to read some books regarding MMO
- You need to focus on one method and learn about it
- You need to do the research on how to build website or video if you are in one
- You need to learn how to rank your site, your videos, etc in order to get some traffic
- You require to attend any course/workshop to get news and info about it
- You need some skills like researching keywords, making wordpress sites, writing articles, or even building viral fapage, etc. - Others.

Here are Several Internet Marketers or Internet Marketing Guru in Cambodia

- Santhana Chan (Power of Team): His courses focuse on making money with YouTube & AdSense. That means he teaches students to make video to earn from YouTube Advertising Program. He also helps students to build website through WordPress and monetize Google AdSense, Content Ads, etc.
- Sophearin May (Dragon Sleep): He teaches people how to make money with Google AdSense, Building Wordpress Site, Driving Traffic fron Social Networking (Facebook) Traffic, etc.
- Suku Hong: He has got an eCourse called "Suku Hong's Web Marketing Mantra" which includes three Mantra just as "Social Networking Mantra, Web Vithority Mantra & Website SEO Mantra.